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March 23, 2010, 6:13 pm
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Surprise, I’m working out a budget on quicken. It’s pretty painless really–auto downloads of acct. information, then you can categorize things, and ultimately make up charts and graphs that show where your money went.

So where did it go?? Hmm. Well according to my calculations we spend 67.50 a month on petsitting! Impossible? No, it’s true. We spent 810.00 on our lovely pet sitter over the past year. A bargain really. But it works out to 67.50 a month. Sheesh. That’s harsh. Oh and I didn’t tabulate her Christmas tip in that so I guess it’s actually 75.00 a month!

And then there’s the other question. How much is that goat and chicken food costing us? 49.00 a month. Shocking really. You shouldn’t really look at these numbers too closely. Heart palpitations might ensure. Of course any expense looks frightening if you amortize it. Like when our vet came out to inspect the little goaties. One visit, long chit chat. Interesting, and we learned a lot but that’s 11.00 a month. Yikes.

Anyhow the next step was to get curious about how our spending compares with national averages. How nuts are we, exactly?

Well, lo and behold, there’s a site for that. I googled around and found bundle.com. Very cool tool. You can search by your age, household type and most importantly, geographic location, and then see average monthly totals. Cool!! Of course they didn’t have a realistic category that would include farmette expenses, so I was somewhat limited in my search for numbers.

Anyhow it also shows you where people are most likely to be buying things in that category from. It’s kind of creepy really. You wonder where all that computer debit/credit card info went. Well voila they’ve used it to create a pretty interesting snapshot of the nation’s spending habits.


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