opossum–our new buddy
March 8, 2010, 3:51 pm
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A few weeks ago I went out to the chicken coop at dusk and was shocked to find a little opossum sitting in the compost bin. He was just sitting there. Cute little rat like thing. I looked them up online and they are supposed to be transient, and not too much of a problem.

Then we’d be watching TV in day and at night and he’d be back, walking along the windows in the only area without snow. Poor little dude. Looking for food I guess. A few times I didn’t have a camera, but finally I snapped him out the window.

just out wandering about

Then yesterday he was back. I went back to the internet and it said that they are seen more often in the day in the winter when they’re starving. Poor guy. He found a rotten potato that we’d left out by the door. He’s kind of slow on his feet and he went behind the woodpile where I snapped a few more shots. And got this good one…

look at his cute little fingers!

Last year we had the turkey man who was hanging about, and this year this seems to be our guest.


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Aw! He’s cute!

Comment by Lee

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