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February 26, 2010, 11:48 pm
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A while back there was a run of food documentaries and movies. I did not see them all, but saw a couple. My favorite and the one you should definitely make time to see is Our Daily Bread. This is a really fascinating tour through the various production systems for our food. It’s filmed in Europe and it is so cool! The machines they’ve created to do these jobs–amazing. The jobs people still do–amazing. It’s a pretty level headed movie. AND, get this, there is no dialogue. That’s right, it’s an arty movie, and it just moves from one product to the next. If you only see one food movie, make this the one. Get yourself in a relaxed frame of mind, sit and learn. Good stuff. Some of it frightening, but useful to know. It’s very interesting, hard to watch but totally worth it!

Here’s part where they’re harvesting olives.

Here’s a link to youtube where you can watch some other segments.

Fast Food Nation, on the other hand, is not a movie I can recommend. I saw it a bit after I saw the one above. Sigh. Mainstream, which was good right, but he blew it. Too overly dramatic. Too much on the gross out. He really didn’t need the whole demoralized illegal immigrant workforce in there. I’m sure it’s true, but it distracted from the other points of the food industry. In contrast, the workers in Our Daily Bread are shown doing honorable work- it’s just a job. It’s not the humiliating disgusting work that is proposed by Mr. Linklater.


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