farming, good for everyone.
February 25, 2010, 12:11 pm
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The doode is out of town on a business trip. He met up with some folks who’d be here a few months ago. They’ve from San Francisco and over the dinner menu, we had the inevitable conversation. What’s the “best” thing to get, not in terms of preference or taste–but what’s most local what’s most ethical what has the smallest carbon footprint. When did it get so hard to eat? We talked about growing your own, about farmer’s market. We talked about Whole Foods. Apparently if you live in San Fransisco you have the choice of many farmer’s markets and alas, Whole Foods is too corporate! Yes, they agreed, we are TOO precious. We know that.

How far does the farm bug go? Here’s two stories I’ve read recently on the subject. Here’s a program where farming is being used as a way to help drug addicts. How bucolic!

At dinner last night, the doode learned the latest from the California folks–some of them have banded together to buy 80 acres way outside the city. An abandoned farm. They’ll go out there and farm it. It’s so far out, that they’ll have to pack their own yurts!

This is also a thing according to the new. In this article the New York Times talks about groups of people in a different demographic, who gather and go out to farms (only organic sustainable ones) to help out. They learn some skills and connect with other like-minded folks. The farmer gets some free help, and city folk get to get their hands dirty. People are just interested in getting connected to their food i guess. Interesting times! I love all this interest in reviving the hand skills and farm skills of years past. It’s pretty cool. But hard work!


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