back in business –chickens at work
February 25, 2010, 11:03 pm
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Poor winter chickens. The molt surprised us all I think. Poor little chums. All of a sudden the feathers were falling out everywhere. Knuckles had it the worst. She shivered a lot and we broke down and got her a heat lamp for the super cold nights. Edwina, of course, was not affected, and she continued to give us an egg every day. But the rest went off the lay. And they looked glum. Their combs shriveled up. They had no feathers on their heads, it was not pretty. Gradually they came back. Spanky was first, then yesterday Bubbles laid a green egg for us. And today I saw this….

a girl needs her privacy!

Two girls at work! There’s little knuckles on the left in the box. We have two nest boxes for five birds, and usually they will wait to use the preferred box on the right. They will be angry and loud but they will wait. Sometimes though, you just can’t wait. And the box on the left comes into play. We had to change out the divider because there were some squabbles with a smaller one. This way each bird gets own private area and they can’t fight back and forth.

UPDATED: I gave the girls the afternoon to finish their work. And imagine my surprise when I found two eggs in each nest box! Everyone was indeed, back in business! Thanks girls. A four egg day. It’s been awhile.


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