jamie oliver at TED
February 12, 2010, 3:59 pm
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How exciting, I’ve been waiting to see Jamie’s talk at TED. And here it is. Watch and learn people!

What a great guy. Sure he’s brash, but he sure seems genuine. And he is so passionate. It’s interesting to see a whole wave of things coalescing around the need to rethink how we deal with food in this country. It is such an important issue! I always wonder at people who say they have no time to cook. It really does not have to take a long time. I think there’s something about having the confidence to use a recipe as a guide as not some kind of inviolable regulation. But I don’t have the energy for a super huge rant today, so I’ll keep it small.

It was neat to think that the TED prize this year is going to an issue that is close to my heart. And while some of his speech tactics were not ones I would have chosen, he was heartfelt. Keep your eyes peeled for his shocking chart of causes of death and stats about life expectancies for the next generation. It was also interesting to see a clip of elementary kids trying name vegetables–clearly having NO idea what a potato or a tomato is? Now that’s just crazy times people. Crazy times.


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