katie couric antibiotics in meat
February 11, 2010, 12:59 pm
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CBS investigates antibiotics in animals. Read here. Well how do, Ms. Couric? We tend to watch the news while we eat dinner (on the couch–bad I know). We watch even though it’s not really our demographic–it’s all drug ads, have you noticed? Boniva anyone? Need a cure for restless leg syndrome?? Frightening. And the super creepy new one–the drug for longer eyelashes!! Yikes! When will people wake up and realize how weird this frankenscience is?! Don’t you love to hear the long droning of voice reading possible side effects for these meds? Anyhow, I digress.

We saw an interesting story on the news last night about antibiotics in meat. Hallelujah! It was so wonderful to see. Mainstreaming my issues! Wahoo! It’s so creepy to see antibiotics in 50 pound bags don’t you think? But that’s how you buy it if you’re a big time farmer. At any rate, perhaps we might see some traction on this issue, as the new spin is that it’s a health issue for people who eat the meat. Still not about the poor conditions the animals live in, but… It’s becoming mainstream. To see this story on evening news! Please people pick it up. Get interested in it. Pay the extra $ to eat safer meat!

Apparently there’s a couple of stories on the topic this week, I haven’t caught up with them yet. But we saw the one with Danish farmers changing how they farm pigs. It was interesting to hear the woman talk from the pork board. No they won’t spend an extra 5.00 per 100.00 to raise it w/o meds. People want the lowest cost product. Do they?? Then the story showed people spending more for antibiotic free meat! If only more people knew maybe they would make a better choice too.

Ugh. I could go on about this topic for a while, and I do have some posts in waiting on it. But I’ll end on an upbeat note–evening news story! Hooray!


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