for the next snow storm
February 8, 2010, 7:03 pm
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Ok so this one was a bit surprising. those crappy weather forecasters always making a big deal, well they got us to thinking that there would never be a big storm here. WRONG-O. They were right-o, at least this time. Actually not even so right. They said 12 inches, and we got at least 2 feet. Think goaties in over their head deep. Sheesh. We spent all day shoveling the driveway (even though the road hasn’t been plowed yet).

it started easily enough--but huge flakes!

power went out and woke up to this!

And we learned some things we need to record for the next time.

1. If you think the power will go off–fill some buckets with water! The well needs power! We had some drinking water waiting for us, but we could use extra for animals and flushing!

2. Next time we’re in Canada go to Canadian Tire and buy a real snow shovel!! You just can’t buy a good one down here. Cheap small plastic. They were fine for the city, but not for out here.

3. If you think it’s going to snow a lot, don’t park the car in the garage–park it at the end of the driveway!!! This is important. We spent ALL day shoveling. There was so much snow that if we didn’t clear it, we’d have to stay home for the next 10 days at least.

We were pretty happy to have extra fuel and our camp stove. We had a nice latte and fried eggs for breakfast. And we had a good supply of drinking water laid in. Oh, and I’d ordered fuel oil and we had gas in the car. And we’d also ordered in a lot of extra goat and chicken food. So you know, we did alright.

But man was it a lot of work!!

23 inches of work!

first path is the hardest

little goaties could hardly see over it!

roppongi learns to stay on the path

We were pretty happy to get our power back. Happy to finally get out on Sunday to get the kids to have a superbowl party! School and University cancelled on Monday, and schools closed again tomorrow in time for more snow. Weird!


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hey! i love these photos and can’t believe you all went without power for so long! i remain a little uncertain about identify of “doode”….

Comment by sarah

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