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January 31, 2010, 11:00 am
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We watched 500 days of summer last weekend. It was an ok movie, but one of the best parts was this dance sequence. I really noticed the use of color in the scene.

This weekend we watched Playtime. 1967, what a funny movie. Mr. Hulot. Very film school. But funny because it’s so old. Modernism gone bad. Skyscrapers, reflections in glass, uncomfortable chairs. It had a cool color scheme. All cold steel blue and grey. It’s a fun thing to watch. Reflection on being human vs. the environments we build.

And towards the end it gets really 60s wacky as a new restaurant opens and the people start drinking. Funny stuff.

Here’s a scene at the restaurant–check out the air-con blowing on the lady’s back. Ew! Also some great dance moves in here. They party so hard they rip the place apart!

One other color movie I strongly remember is one with Julianne Moore. Far from Heaven. 2002. The colors were wonderful in this. All jewel tones, reds and oranges. A hot movie. Fall leaves. Great. I guess thematically there is not a big connection to Playtime, but similar reflection on an era, lots of interiors. Conventions/ vs. messiness of human life. It was a pretty good movie as I recall, I do like the actress, and it was a pretty movie too.


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