dahlias kicking my butt
January 30, 2010, 11:36 pm
Filed under: dahlias, gardening

Oh to save a tuber. Every year I dig em out, and every year they shrivel up because i don’t treat them right. I dig them out too soon and they rot, or they just dry out. But alas, they are pretty forgiving. Last year I gave up on most of them when I found some had rotted in the paper bags they were stored in. I angrily threw most of them away. But too lazy, some of the bags sat there untouched. And in the spring when I returned to clean up the mess–surprise! They had begun to sprout. Amazing. I started them up in soil (in Feb. or March I think) and wound up with the earliest display of dahlias I’ve ever had! So who knows. This past year I patiently dug them out, washed them off a bit and then had this to look at for a few weeks.

save us. save us please!

Ok yes you caught me–that’s the picnic cooler on the right there. Use what’s handy!

please won't you take the time to store us for the winter?

But the splitting is a big job. And it took me a few weeks to finish it. The blasted things–they were ready to start growing again!

we want to live!!!

That’s a pretty good little picture of where the eyes come in. So you just cut them apart and leave an “eye” on each part.

Now they’ve been stored in our too hot, too dry basement and they are seriously shriveled, so I’m trying to gear up to plant them up. Or lose the crop–and all that work. Ugh.


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