restaurants that couldn’t make it in TO
January 22, 2010, 9:59 pm
Filed under: canada, food issues

Funny stuff. Chain restaurants that failed in Toronto. Toronto Life suggests that they are thankful that Toronto hasn’t become completely Americanized. You know, because chains like olive garden and outback steakhouse have closed up shop. This is funny for a couple of reasons. There’s the whole–feeling “less than” thing–30rock makes fun of Toronto–it’s just like New York without the stuff. Waaaaa. And then there’s the smug Toronto thing–we’re too cool for school, naturally our fine citizens wouldn’t stoop to eat at one of these places. Ok I’ll give them that one. BUT and this is a big but–I  notice that they aren’t dissing the American retail outlets that have moved in. The Whole Foods, Pottery Barn, Anthropologie, etc. etc.

Just saying!!

By the way, did you see that red lobster has re-branded itself ?

stone veneer, new graphics, apparently new menu too!

We noticed the new look as we drove by the other day. We always gawk at the place because we can’t quite figure out who the heck is eating there! The lot is pretty much always full. But who ARE those people??!


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