full pull!
January 10, 2010, 8:18 pm
Filed under: farm, goats

I heard on the news that the pennsylvania farm show opens this weekend. Happy memories. Doode and I first watched PCN coverage of the show, and found the horse pull commentary pretty fascinating. So we went out there. All the way to Harrisburg–in January! And we even did it again last year. It’s a pretty fun time. All those mushroom farmers deep frying mushrooms. The dairy men making a mean milkshake. There’s a lot of weird stuff too. Like the tractor square dance. Some of the crafty entries. The people. But it was a pretty great time.

We learned some new lingo during our visit. “Full pull!” they yell when the draft horse team pulls the weight the full distance. It’s pretty interesting to watch. And in the goat ring, we heard things like “she’s very dairy.” That one continues to amuse us.

saanen class farm show 2009

Now that we’ve got our own farm show happening right here at home, we’re not making the trek–though it would be nice to see the poultry judging.

The doode was watching PCN last night and was entertained by the coverage of the apiary 4-H displays. Riveting television says he, while rolling his eyes. Just now we caught part of the draft hitch judging. The commentators were talking about how nice it was to see the young people driving. You know, the future of the “draft horse industry.” We got to wondering, what is the size of this industry exactly?? Is it growing, declining? Lots of money in taking the horses and wagons to shows. Anyone out there have any idea?


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