chickens the short list
January 10, 2010, 10:11 pm
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  • they’re cute. for about a week. then they turn into their weird prehistoric bodies. but by then you’ve bonded with them and are not afraid!
  • pasty butt can apparently kill a chicken. but it seemed to be treatable. i didn’t expect to be wiping a chick’s butt, but there you go, i survived, and so did she. i also didn’t realize that there a lot of anxious chicken parents out there, and they blog!
  • they are very amusing to watch. in fact, i can watch them for practically the whole day. they love to help me garden and are quite sociable.
  • laying eggs is not trivial. i feel bad that they have to do it about every day. it’s hard work for them. ever heard a chicken grunt? i have.
  • prolapse. also can kill a chicken. a warm water soak in the tub, and some preparation h seemed to help. i didn’t expect to put my finger in a chicken’s butt, but there you go. you just clean it, push it back in and hope for the best. our girl survived it.
  • we were able to get all five chickens to maturity! we overbought thinking we might lose some on the way.
  • one chicken seems to have a genetic defect that makes her lay shell-less eggs. She didn’t lay until months after the others started–and everytime she lays, luckily not everyday–it seems to be very painful. Poor Elizabeth. In other places she’d have been culled by now, but she’ll live out her days as a pet.

    aaaah afternoon dustbath!

  • a little egg variety

    double yolkers don't fit in standard egg cartons!

    edwina in the grass


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