raising chickens part two
January 8, 2010, 2:44 am
Filed under: chickens, knuckles, spanky

Sooo…what did we learn you might ask?

Well, first there was the pasty butt. Knuckles came down with it. Cute little puff ball with a little bit of poop stuck on her bum. Reading up on it, we feared the worst. Chickens could DIE from pasty butt if not treated. So, out came the damp towels and oh so delicately little butt was cleaned up. Poor chicken. She appreciated it greatly and became my best friend.

knuckles became my best pal chicken

After the pasty butt came the transition to the outdoors. This one was stressful too. We knew they had to get outside at some point…

they were getting too big for their boxes

And when they got big enough to visit the other chicken in the house, they had to go…

are you my mother?

no, no, i don't think so birdies!!

When we put the obviously greatly spoiled little birds outside, we worried terribly about whether it would be too cold for them! A sleepless night for us. The birds did fine.


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