raising chickens part three-the coop
January 8, 2010, 6:11 pm
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Oh yes so where was I when I got distracted by the snow and the amaryllis sprout? Yes, the chickens first night out doors. I believe the temperature got down to the 40s or 50s. We were nervous, we got up and checked on them. They were fine and enjoying their new house.

Their new house–right, a big learning moment there. Building the coop. That was a fun project. First we did a lot of research. This site has a lot of great pictures. Flickr is also a good source (liked this one and this one for example). This company makes nice ones. With some vague ideas in mind we headed out to Construction Junction, our local favorite place, a construction material re-use store. We found three cool windows and stuffed them into the Honda. We started work on the hottest weekend of the year–a scorching weekend in April!

It was a LOT of work. And while the windows were cheap (30.00) and we had the roof, we did buy about 300.00 of lumber.

orienting the coop to catch some sun

back "bunker" window going in--it opens too.

we had scrap roofing lying around

cool front window has an interior built in screen

8 x 4 ft coop done in a weekend


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