things the goats have eaten that have not killed them
January 4, 2010, 1:09 am
Filed under: gardening, goats

Not that opener is grammatically correct, but anyways… when we first got the goats we read a lot about how to raise them, and we worried a lot about what they should and should not eat. The list is huge!!! And opinions vary. Here’s what we’ve seen.

Rhododendrons. They’ve tried a bite or two. And had no noticeable effect. But they don’t seem to go back for more. Unlike Azaleas, which a nibble or two is always in order. They’ll also sample the pine trees, but don’t love them, unless they’re in wreath form. Then they’re delicious!

Lavender. They survived untouched for most of the season. I was happy about that, but then, at some point, the pickins got slim, and the lavender looked GOOD! They also seem to like seeing me run after them when they get into it. During one of the big lavender feasts in December, I realized that the goats are now too big for me to pick up. So out came the deer net.

Spirea. They love to eat the Anthony Waterer planted in the driveway. ARGH! Stop eating that!!

Hakone grass. Yeah I’ll take some of that. Don’t love it, but i know it pisses you off.

Dogwood, Yellow Twig. YUM-O as Rachel Ray says.

Viburnum, also good snacking.

Bamboo. The deer don’t eat it but I will. I don’t think it tastes good but it’s the only green thing out here.

Parsley. Wouldn’t eat it until it was the last green thing out there. Pretty good now.

Blackberries and raspberries. Well we knew they’d love the brambles, and they do. Sigh.

Brussels sprouts. Yum yum yum our favorite thing.

Fennel, celery carrots. A-ok.

Oak leaves. The more dried out the better. We love em!

Dried cherry looking leaves. Eeek not supposed to eat them i guess, but we do. I don’t know what kind of trees they are exactly but they have cherry like leaves.

Bark of trees. Young trees are delicious, but we’ll also try for some old bark these days.

Canadian thistle. An acquired taste. That we acquired. But we didn’t clean em out as fast as the people would have liked.

Bull thistle. No way man. i’m not eating that.

Roses. Yum.

Hyssop. Good stuff.

Echinops. The lady says eat thistles. But when i eat this she gets all mad. I don’t get it!!

Grain. We will do anything for a handful. Anything!


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