goaties last bottles
January 4, 2010, 12:52 am
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We picked up the goats quite young–6 weeks or so, and so we bottle fed them twice a day for awhile. The goat ladies each gave us a few gallons of goat milk from their stash, we picked up a cooler on the way home–never know what you’ll see in the Target parking lot–man with two crazy kids in the back!!

Roppongi refused the bottle for a week–odd since she was bottle fed from birth. Sydney the glutton picked it up pretty easily. Eventually the ever-picky Pongo-Dongo decided the bottle was ok too.

They were so small they could hardly see over the door

mmmn. bottle is ok!

the last one, enjoy it while you can

We cut the goat milk with cow milk, and eventually changed to 100% cow milk. Into each gallon of milk we put one can of evaporated milk. We used nipples that screw onto pop bottles and gently warmed the milk on the stove. We gave them about 2 cups per feeding and it took them less than a minute to drain the bottle! Yum!


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